The decision to adopt the Highland Park lifestyle is an important one, both for you and your family. Highland Kin Ltd believes, for those who wish to look forward and direct their own future, the Retirement Village concept is the way ahead. Individual privacy will be paramount whilst still living in a community of other retired people and therefore not isolated.

The bungalows are for occupation by those over 55 only, but the property may be owned by anyone. Once purchased, the properties may be sold on the open market to purchasers in-keeping with the village ethos. Each individual property's garden, fencing and the general landscaped environs will be maintained by the village management for a small weekly fee charged to each property.

The maintenance of the exterior of all properties will be in the control of the village management and be part of a five-year rolling program. This means that the high standards of the village will be maintained to the benefit of all and protect the value of your investment.


Should the property subsequently be sold on the open market for a profit, the village management will be entitled to a 50% share in any profit. The high standards maintained by the village management will ensure that there is no reduction in its services. The clubhouse, which is exclusive to Highland Park owners and their guests, should all combine to have given added value to your property.


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